Retreat With Triple Sharing


Three participants will be sharing a room and a bathroom. The room will have 3 single beds. 

Your Retreat Package Includes:

-Process Painting Workshop Fee. (18 Hours of Facilitation.)
-Art Material.
-Relaxing Sound Baths with Guided Meditation
-5 Night accommodation.
-3 meals a day. (Fresh local Cuisine).
-Guided Nature Walks.
-Airport pick up/ Bus stand pick up

Cancellation Policy:

Due to respect for other guests who may wish to join the retreat, the below cancellation policy applies to exclusive-use reservations:

Full Payment: If you pay in full when you register you will receive a full refund minus a 15% handling fee if you cancel before 30th September 2023. After that date, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Deposit: If you choose to pay a deposit to reserve a space in a workshop, your deposit will be non-refundable and non-transferable. Before the remaining payment is due, you will receive a reminder email with instructions on how to make your payment online. If the remaining payment is not received on or before its due date, you forfeit your spot in the workshop.

Solo Travellers: We are proud to state that almost all participants in the past have traveled solo to join the retreats. The workshops are not gender biased, however, our default protocol is to accommodate men and women in separate rooms, unless you are a couple or are traveling with your partner or friends. Men traveling solo can be contacted to opt for single occupancy if we do not have enough male participants for shared occupancy. In that case, the full charges for a single room will apply.

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How To Get There:


1. Hindukush Express (bus): This is a surefire way of reaching in time for the retreat and in the morning hours. Hindukush Express bus service, according to reviews, is a family-friendly, clean, and punctual bus service like Daewoo, operating between Chitral and Islamabad. The bus leaves from Islamabad every day at 8 pm. You will take the bus the night before your official retreat start date (8th November at 8 pm) so you can reach Chitral by the 9th morning. You will have a pick-up transport at the bus stand in Chitral waiting for you to bring you to the venue.

To Book your ticket call: 03000341203 (Ticket cost: 3K)

2. Flight: Islamabad – Chitral Flight is now scheduled once a week on Thursdays. The start day of the retreat is planned on the day of the flight for those who prefer to fly. Airport pick-up will be provided from Chitral Airport to the venue. However, the risk of flight cancellation also remains due to weather conditions, in that case, you will not have another flight. If more group members take the flight, a stand-by transport will be arranged to bring the group to Chitral. The cost of the stand-by transport will be divided amongst the group members taking the stand-by vehicle in case of flight cancellation.


Option A. As a group, you can book a private vehicle and leave together early morning for Islamabad from Chitral (We can help arrange the transport). The travel cost for your road trip back to Islamabad can be shared among group members and is not part of the retreat package.

Option B. Take the Hindukush bus service and depart at 8 pm for the bus. You can spend time at the hotel premises after checkout while waiting for the bus. Drop-off to the bus stand will be provided.

1. You must book your flight/bus tickets well in advance and send your arrival times 15 days in advance if you would like to avail of the airport transfer service or a pick-up from the bus stand.

2. You will take full responsibility for your travel plans. The hosts will receive you on your arrival at the venue.

items to bring:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • A light backpack for walks and hikes.
  • Comfortable and warm clothing
  • Personal medication: (Please keep your specific medicines along if you are on a daily dose; also inform us before the trip in case of any medical condition.)
  • Personal Toiletries