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The Dance

In a culture that strongly identifies with the concept of an ‘outcome’ or a ‘result’, ‘pretty’ and ‘nice’ ‘meaning’ and ‘reason’ and in the pursuit of getting there we often miss out the real, the what is. Through the act of painting we bring awareness to our own calling. Oftentimes and inevitably we find ourselves building a narrative around the visuals, trying to find meaning and reason to the way it looks or unfolds. This reminds us of our need to control. In trying to look for meaning and make a full circle sense of where its going or coming from, we kill our connection to the deeper thread that guides the painting and the hand. In following your energy with unconditional regard for what wants to appear, we get the taste of being present. The quality of presence that gives us insight in a larger context of what has energy for us, the restfulness and the flow you experience in giving up control. The authenticity that you meet with which is inside you when you are not doing something that is contrived and planned out of your ego mind.

When we meet that innocence, it becomes a dance where there is more joy in being than in arriving.

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