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The Thinking Mind

If it shows up it is meant to be there.

Process painting workshops allow for incredible inner dialogue that leads to a further expansion of the creative imagination and every time a step further into exploration.

One of the frequent questions that arise for participants while they paint or after the workshop is how do we know if what we painted came from the planning mind or whether it was spontaneous and arose effortlessly. As we emphasize on a deeper level of listening and reporting what comes to us naturally we often start to question the authenticity of the visual.

To diffuse this dilemma we say that when you are in doubt, paint it anyway. If it has got you to question it, it wants to be painted already. When something involves too much of your thinking and planning a narrative, you will soon run out of energy, feel constricted in your body and feel stuck. There will be boredom and sometimes exhaustion. Whereas, its almost visceral when you are in the flow. There is no resistance to what comes and the time flies.

Its a sweet spot!

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