Painting as a process of inquiry is an invitation to reconnect with yourself. Giving way to uninhibited creative expression goes beyond any knowledge of skill and technique. It offers a glimpse into the mystery that underlies the connection to our deepest source. The only prerequisite is your curiosity and your excitement!


Step into the new year by honoring your creative spirit

Take this journey of introspection and play using the simple tools of brush, paint, and paper. We will explore a form of creative engagement that is rooted in the ancient wisdom of teachings that rely on direct perception and felt experiences. By following the spirit of the present moment rather than the usual goal-driven approach to art, we will go beyond the notion of painting as only a practice reserved for artists.

“To be creative ultimately is to be nothing more than human.
To be human is of necessity to be creative.”
– Peter Evans and Geoff Deehan, The Keys to Creativity

Comepaint is thrilled to open its new home studio in Islamabad to local participants. This creative space is designed and dedicated to the practice of painting for process. It has large and comfortable painting stations, allowing for a safe exploration with all the required settings and supplies. The workshop offers a critique-free environment where you’re invited to explore without needing to perform. No prior art experience or artistic skill is needed to join. Being a private studio, only registered participants are hosted. You’re requested to sign up in advance and arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the workshop.

Come explore a new way of being!

SoundBath & Meditation

The bowls emanate vibrations that can be felt by every cell of your body,
bringing about an internal recalibration.
They effectively bring you to a relaxed state conducive to
healing and restoration.

What is your potential beyond meeting the necessary expectations of everyday living?

We often carry on with our routines and meet the demands of the average day with little opportunity to explore our true nature. What is your potential beyond meeting the necessary expectations of everyday living?

Comepaint offers an environment where you can explore this question free of critique, analysis, comparison, or interpretation. It’s a process that reveals the otherwise invisible human connection to our primordial language of color, form, and image. The workshop offers each participant a painting station and art materials in a private setting where authentic creative unfolding can take place.

At the beginning of your painting class, Zainab will introduce a way to approach your blank paper, working with you at key stages to help you dig deeper into your process of self-exploration. She will assist you in discovering the subtle, quiet ways in which you are guided internally, and to help you recognize the potential that emerges as your sensitivity sharpens.

this is not your usual art class

The act of painting is often confined to the territory of artists. Or else, it is commonly associated with therapy. Is there another vantage point through which the language of art can be experienced?

Colour and imagery are woven into the very thread of our original primordial voice. Painting for process allows us to speak from our essence in its raw form. Saying yes to imagination is saying yes to a part of you that needs permission to emerge. It is a journey of courage and curiosity taking us to a domain beyond learned paradigms.

Painting is something that takes place among the colors,
and one has to leave them alone completely,
so that they can settle the matter among themselves.
Their intercourse: this is the whole of painting.
Whoever meddles, arranges, injects his human deliberation,
his wit, his advocacy, his intellectual agility in any way,
is already disturbing and clouding their activity.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

paint online

Join us for our weekly online process painting class.
You will be facilitated virtually in a community of other explorers
from the privacy of your own home.

No prior art experience required.

Comepaint retreats

To give the time and attention to our own unfolding,
comepaint process art retreats span over a number of days.
The sessions are carried out at locations where we
can be closest to nature and can find a greater
depth towards self reflection.