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Residential Retreats

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workshop retreats

In-person workshop retreats allow you five to seven days of uninterrupted time to focus deeply on your creative exploration in a safe environment of group respect and mutual discovery. We work in a non-interpretive environment, where respectful inquiry precedes artistic goals. Outward concerns and distractions fade away as you go beyond the imagined limitations of talent, skill, and accomplishment. In listening to the subtle guidance available to you in the present moment, your psyche responds through an intelligent voice that brings light to many unfamiliar grounds within you. We respect each person's unfolding and at no point during or after the sessions will the participants be asked to explain or exhibit their paintings to the group. Commenting and critiquing are not part of the workshop and you will be facilitated individually when you need intervention. Group discussions towards the end of our sessions open a profound space for questions that come through and go beyond your paintings. It is however not mandatory to participate in group discussions and you can choose to only listen to others.

Painting for process is also a great fit for those looking to answer the call to create without the pressure to perform. This practice allows for an opportunity to truly let our guard down and feel the fulfilment that comes with finding full expression.

sound meditation

Sounds from the Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries to restore balance and harmony in the body and mind.
Creative exploration through process painting combined with relaxing sound baths give way to a journey that touches the core practice of present moment awareness.

You are in for guided meditations with frequencies of the bowl and unlimited time with the sound of silence.