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Online Painting

Online Painting

Register below for your preferred painting sessions and get a Zoom invite right before we start.

*Update: Please get in touch via email (comepaint.retreats@gmail.com) for details prior to registration.Thank you.

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Please get in touch for details before you sign up to book your spot. Thank you.

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    Online Painting Set Up

    • Prepare a simple set up: find a wall or place an easel where you would have no distractions.
    • Tape or pin your paper (not canvas)
    • Keep a small table to hold your set of paints & water, with a set of good quality brushes.
    • Download the zoom.us app on your laptop or tablet. place your laptop, phone or tablet at any angle where it is facing your painting so the facilitator can watch.
    • On the day of your session, make sure your computer/mobile device is set up as described earlier. About five minutes before your session begins, youโ€™ll receive an email from comepaint.
    • Open that email and click the link provided. A new window will open that will connect you to our virtual studio!

    you will need

    • Newspapers:ย  to protect your wall and floor.
    • Paints: (poster color or acrylics, crayons):
    • Paper
      • Size: 20×30 inches or its half.
      • Type: cartridge, canson or chart paper
    • Brushes ( flat, round, a variety of sizes including big brushes is important)
    • Paper tape
    • An old jar to hold water
    • A palette ๐ŸŽจ (ice cube box would work as well!)
    • Your phone /tablet or laptop with zoom app. Installed facing your painting area.
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