Painting as Process

Being in the continuum

Process art workshops are an invitation to reconnect with your intuitive body through the act of painting.This approach of ‘unconditional listening’ awakens you to a greater sense of awareness and a renewed capacity to embrace your own unique voice. Free of critique, judgement and aesthetic preference we tap into the body’s energetic intelligence as an endless source of inspiration and insight.

You can participate in the painting sessions regardless of your skill or profession.
There is no prior art experience required.

The 'process' in the painting

Just as we ourselves are in a constant flux, so too are the paintings. When you give up the rigidity of seeing paintings as objects to be hung on the wall, they are recognized as continually evolving manifestations of a larger dimension. We are more interested in the emerging conversation rather than the finished piece.
Not having an artistic goal can be unsettling at first. Why? Because, there is no destination or a conclusion to arrive at. Giving up the security of having a plan opens the door to what is beyond your ability to contrive.

There is a thread you follow
It goes amoung things that change

But it doesn’t change
People wonder what you are pursuing

You have to explain about the thread
But it is hard for others to see

While you hold it you can’t get lost.

From The Way It Is
William Stafford