Things To Do In Islamabad – Explore Introspective Painting!

“To be creative ultimately is to be nothing more than human.

To be human is of necessity to be creative.”

– Peter Evans and Geoff Deehan, The Keys to Creativity

We often carry on with our routines and meet the demands of the average day with little opportunity to explore our true nature. What is your potential beyond meeting the necessary expectations of everyday living? Comepaint offers an environment where you can explore this question free of critique, analysis, comparison, or interpretation. It’s a process that reveals the otherwise invisible human connection to our primordial language of color, form, and image. The workshop offers each participant a painting station and art materials in a private setting where authentic creative unfolding can take place.
At the beginning of your painting class, your facilitator, Zainab will introduce a way to approach your blank paper, working with you at key stages to help you dig deeper into your process of self-exploration. She will assist you in discovering the subtle, quiet ways in which you are guided internally, and to help you recognize a natural guidance that emerges as your sensitivity sharpens.

Zainab has formal training specific to the practice of process arts. She works with her participants, keenly discerning each person’s potential in the moment. She continues to dedicate her time to experiential research and has a deep respect for the non-verbal expression that comes forth in painting for process. 

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