Ego And The Creative Spirit

Every civilized human being, whatever his conscious development,
is still an archaic man at the deeper levels of his psyche.

~ Carl Jung

When we engage the kaleidoscopic web of the creative source, we notice two languages–the voice of the spirit and the voice of the ego. Both have their own function in the act of painting. You are paying close and continuing attention to each agent in the painting process. The voice of the raw creative spirit is our primary guide here as it comes through the intuitive source. The body is designed to speak the visual language; its expression is original and authentic. However, the voice of the ego is taught, and in many ways has become dominant. It allows us to operate in the world in a refined way, but we weren’t born with it and it’s conditioned. This imbalance creates a disconnection from our true nature. When we deny the human psyche its full manifestation, it struggles, and our inherent abilities get diluted. Much of modern society’s anguish can be attributed to having forgotten our true voice. We give a spiritual breath to our human potential when we engage in the primordial act of untamed creative expression.

By Zainab Zoeb

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